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Bill Maloney Rattles Ken Livingstone

What does Ken Livingstone do when he meets the real thing? He ignores and tries to ridicule it.

Internationally recognised award winning film director and institutional child abuse survivor Bill Maloney lights the blue touch paper on the streets of Brixton and stands back as Livingstone’s cage begins to rattle. Maloney questions him about the cover-up of the Shirley Oaks Children’s Home child abuse scandal which Livingstone ordered demolished without investigating the site.

Maloney: “Do you believe children were buried in Shirley Oaks?”
Livingstone: “How on earth would I know?”
Maloney: “How would you know? You’re the one that ordered it to be levelled!”

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7 Responses to Bill Maloney Rattles Ken Livingstone

  1. Davie says:

    A big ‘WELL DONE’ for this most valuable work here. Bit-by-bit this evil unsavoury truth is creeping out, in large part due to your wonderful work. Whatever happens, be aware that most people are with you in all your efforts…and do not be put off under any circumstances. May the Universal Powers bless all your efforts.

  2. Andrea Willers says:

    I have been posting your youtubes on a history world forum, based in America. I am fed up with this sort of thing being gagged. The people deserves to know the truth, they are trying to bring an gagging law, I have been putting so many petitions against this. May the truth come to the light. I think we need to give this more access to the public. That gagging is trying to silence those victims of child abuse, the worse thing I feel now is those charities like what the BBC had done want to make me vomit. That bear is some sick logo.

  3. gerald says:

    Just seen your videos …very hard hitting. Ken talks rubbish when he states we are not s police state when Boris has just bought water cannon and we have no free press… or legal aid for the poorest members of our society…. he needs to come down from his ivory tower.

  4. Lolageorgio says:

    Well done Bill. Your efforts as someone else stated on here are finally serving to wake up the general public to what has for too long been the dirty little secret of the wealthy & privileged. All those high profile child abusers who thought their celebrity status would save them are now quaking in their boots Today’s news re Leon Briton and yesterday’s re Rolf Harris are small steps towards justice for the murdered & abused forgotten children. How fucking damn well dare these scum threaten the lives of those willing to expose them!!! I urge people to forward your work ON AND ON AND ON so that those who have had the courage to stand up & bare witness are kept safe by us the public knowing enough to point the finger in the right direction should any bastard attempt to try and silence them. OMG!! What a dispicable shower of dirty bastards we have running this country whilst us what we can and cannot do??? Jesus!! Bill, you are a brave man. God bless you and keep up the great work mate. x

  5. Mandy Place says:

    They are trying to bury another , Childrens home. This Home is under investigation. Would have a conservation order, A listed building.
    I rang the police, and detectives to inform them what was going on.

    They have only demolished half the building , the area that children were taken to be abused, has been demolished. Who granted the planning permission. They are trying to fast track , cos they know some of us have spoken and our sub concious mind , still remembers.
    Yes there are children buried ,on the grounds . Hopefully the detectives stop the demolition brfore they try to cover up the souls that were taken.

  6. Steve lacey says:

    Well done bill keep up the good work, one day they will be caught it’s just a pity they don’t hang anybody anymore because that’s all these bastards deserve, ps would love to smash 10 bells of shit out of that smug horrible bastard Ken.

  7. jennie says:

    Hi bill thank god livingstone has been suspended he should be arrested and done for corruption . I’m a shirley oaks victim survivor and I hope the village is dug up ,I feel lucky to be alive although I’ve had a troubled life your a angle and I hope your work gets the ball rolling in exposing the depth of the shirley croaks crimes thank you bill for fighting our corner and raising g awareness love from jennie briar house 1969 till 1981

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