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Bill & Ben Attack the Paedophile Dens

BILL MALONEY and BEN FELLOWS attack established paedophile rings past and present.

Hard cutting interview in which Ben Fellows agrees to take a lie detector test on his accusations against Kenneth Clark and other allegations ie: Max Clifford, Peter Stringfellow, Tom Cruise, Andrew Lloyd Webber etc.

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  1. Anne says:

    Top job Bill & your crew, I am so sorry for your heartbreak and loss of your sister, keep up the good work on the exposure of this filth, many thanks for being true, God bless all that you do and keep you and yours safe,


    Bill, I am a writer, I totally admire the work you do, I totally admire the investigative talents you have, I totally admire you, but can I just say from a fellow working class guy born and bred in Bethnal Green, that;
    UK is a class system (obvious), I don’t think you are best suited to be the mouthpiece for PIE AND MASH, I also don’t think P&M is the best name, because of the class snobbery, I think you probably turn off a lot of those who would listen, but they hear the accent, see the name PIE & MASH and, unfortunately, turn off. I say this as someone who is working class and has experienced class snobbery.
    You were at the forefront of exposing Sir Leon Brittan, years before the recent allegations, you are a great investigative journalist, I understand you are passionately proud of your roots, and you should be, I just feel sometimes it gets in the way of what you are trying to achieve – the fact is IT IS a class system, and I think a lot of the great stuff you have to say is lost because some people will turn off because of the very class thing – which is sad but true – I support everything you do, you do a great job, I just feel you may need a better mouthpiece.
    I would be interested in meeting you and talking about this,
    Best Regards,

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