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  1. Hi

    I have a story about Institutional Abuse of 4032 individuals being covered up by Local Authority in UK. desperately need your help and to talk to Bill about this. Please get back to me. If anyone reading this can help get a message to bill to contact me then it would be much appreciated.


  2. What has happened Bill Maloney? Not been able to find anything new from him since 2014, is he ok? Please if anyone is still in charge of this site post an update to let us know what is going on.

  3. So Keith Vaz has been renting rent boys, the same Keith Vaz who was solicitor at Richmond Council at the time of the abuse when Cliff Richards was visiting, the same Vaz who held a select committee and grilled a Senior Policeman about it. It was obvious something like this would happen with this guy, just another cover up Politician.

  4. I would like you to continue with all your hard work, and thank you for opening up my mind
    To issues we tend to ignore, it’s only when you watch films like yours the truth is there and smacks you
    In the face!! Thanks.

    Regards stella

  5. Well done to you both for undergoing the coroner’s inquest circus performance. Justice is coming; the lions are now loose.

  6. i live in Canada Bill i can hardly keep myself together iam just pissed i had 2kids and 4 grand kids in my life and if there is not changes soon these people who control are life should be very afraid we are not going to take this shit any longer . how do i send you some support cash KUTGW PS Iam IRISH

  7. Just want to say keep it up Bill 😀 My hero after just 1 day of seeing your video’s on you tube, I was an abuse victim from the age of 8yrs old to 14yrs old when i was taken into care on the orders of my parents after my abuser convinced them i was wild and need to go away to get sorted out, abuse also went on at the approved school which is called Blackbrook House in St Helens, I wish there had been someone to fight my corner back then because I was so little and all alone, i was pregnant when went into said approved school and forced to have an abortion which i was happy with anyways back then it is only recently i have begun to feel like a murderer now i know what happens in abortions 🙁 i was kept there only coming home for short wk ends every 8wks or so and my abuser would be on hand to help at our house every time i went home, my life was terrible and i got out at 16yrs of age but had no idea how to become a fully functioning member of society all i had ever been shown off the adults around me was how to tell lies and more lies and put the blame anywhere except for myself, to make sure that i cam first second and third before anyone else and not long after i started on drugs and got pregnant with my daughter, she was also not brought up by me nor was my son 4 yrs later, my family brought them up but took me to court to stop m seeing them because i was on drugs 🙁 it did not work though the judge sided with me and i was allowed to see my children once a week, i ended up in prison,became a prostitute and loads of other bad shite i got involved in….my life as been very traumatic all because i was abused, by the time i was able to take full control of myself and my life i was almost 37yrs of age so as you can imagine what the nonce did to me touched every decade of my life, he’s dead now but i am still full of anger, i have bad relationships with people and have only made friends with my parents in last 6yrs…it as been a long hard struggle and at times i wanted to die…to really die, didn’t want sympathy but really wanted to die….I could tell you so many thing that would make your hair curl and your toes and you wuld probably vomit but I don’t have the time or the room here to do that………I just wanted to say to you Bill to keep doing what your doing mate, I wish I had someone to fight my corner back then, it would of all turned out differently for me if I had that someone fighting for me…you make a massive difference to what goes on with kids and peadophiles out there, especially the one in the public eye….I love what your doing please never stop…..from a survivor because that’s what I am today 😉

  8. Brilliant work and something i wholeheartedly support.If i can be of any help in any shape or form in these campaigns please notify me. Yours Gary.

  9. Hi Bill,
    I stumbled over your films on youtube and have watche lots of them you are a strong brave man!
    You are doing a great job keep up the great work and keep opening the lid on these bastards!,

    Kind regards,
    Mark mills


    I was told in 203 in the high courts in Liverpool my case had made history and had the time limits remove for other victims to come forward.

    All in all I have been fighting my case for 1993-2015 witch I won
    they offed me a back hander of £50.000.00 not to take it to court I told them were to go.

    since I have also had my benefits stop with no money to live on for the past 2 years
    yes there all hand in glove.

  11. Bill
    All your very hard time consuming work/investigations/filming over the past years is now just about to open up the real hidden agenda & the real big names.
    The cracks are appearing, the real investigations are beginning, the high profile names are now being mentioned.
    The police are not giving up on one of the first big names to be brought to the surface – Cliff Richard & I hope they never do, just hoping that victims come forward.
    The Jill Dando case is just to be re-opened & Paedophile ring within the House of Commons (Dolphin Square) being mentioned on the national news & being investigated as well… keep it up Bill, we’re now hoping for more individual victims to be incredibly brave a come forward & tell their stories/evidence… I only wish I could help…. I’m not an expert, just a normal man on the street, but I think if there is a time to be very brave & believe that someone will listen & act it is 2015 onwards…….. Krakatoa is rumbling & will soon erupt!!!! Keep the brilliant pressure on & never ever give up, it’s now working, the huge mass cover up’s are beginning to fall down……. Mick E Hackney E9 London

  12. Overwhelmed with anger at what you have endured . You are truly brave and inspirational . I hope and pray that eventually this institutional corruption will finally be exposed in full by the mainstream press and the evil perpetrators and bastards that are still alive that have been complicit in the cover up over the decades will get their punishment.we can but hope. Keep doing your amazing powerful stuff. Respect!

  13. i dont know why or how theser dirty bastards are and have got away with there filthy depraved deeds i just hope you and yours bring them all to justice for those poor kids all the very best Tony

  14. lo bill I have been deeply disturbed by What you and your family have gone through i hope and pray that you keep your fight going and get this vermin brought to task, yours is the most just of causes all the best mate Tony

  15. You all deserve great praise for the work you do and the effort you put in to getting it seen by as many people as possible.

    I think you deserve particular credit for posing difficult but important questions to senior Labour politicians (in particular I refer to Harriet Harmen and her links to PIE), something which it seems many other mainstream journalists are unwilling to do.

    Not many people spend their time doing something genuinely honorable and worthwhile, your team should be very proud for bringing attention to such an important issue and bringing a voice to so many who have none.

    My one citisism would be of the tone Bill (who I am fond of) put his questions to Harmen, Balls, Livinston ect. with. I understand how frustrating it can be to be face to face with people who you know are guilty of wrong doing. However I think without the slogan t-shirts and with a more relaxed/casual style of questioning these people would be taken more off guard and you may actually secure a proper interview, or at least try and trip them up. I feel that they and there people see you coming a mile off.

    Like I said, you’re one of only a small handful of people willing to put these things to these people and I hope that you are able to do it again, and to capture a detailed series of difficult questions, I feel this would attract more attention from people unaware of your presence.

    Best of luck to you all

  16. This country and indeed the world needs the likes of Bill and his associates, they’re true champions of the people and justice. Keep up the good work and the pressure on. An ever growing number of everyday normal people are watching, reading and listening to what you guys have to say.

  17. thank you so much for fighting for the truth fighting for justice . the paedophile problem in the uk and indeed westminster has to be exposed these pieces of filth have to be named and shamed and brought to justice .i am a myself a victim of abuse ,it has and continues to effect every part of my life , never a day goes by without the memories creeping back in. my abuser is still out there although has been missing for years i know seven other people to date that he abused i believe that is just a fraction of the real number. i live every day hateing myself for not saying anything years ago i could have stopped him abusing those seven people and probably more ,bu, t who would have listen to a child .

  18. I have been watching pie and mash films on child abuse for a couple of months now. I think you’re all doing such an important job and thank you very much for your expose.
    We MUST keep working to pull together and speak up against the common enemy. Dont allow them to divide us anymore, Jews, Christians and Muslims, we need not be enemies. We must unite with everyone else and fight against our common enemy.
    Massive shout to Brian Gerrish an’all!!!
    G’waaan Bill.x.x

  19. High there…first and last God bless you and all your team. It is very powerful, knowing that there are good people / minders working to change the current top down system operated by the lumpen elite. Events appear to be moving at a faster pace and I suspect “their” time is running out. As we enter the age of aquarius I wonder what the fifth dimension will look like? Terraugh…take care.

  20. thank you everybody at pie and mash films for doing what you do especially bill. its you that has turned the tide and given hope to the side of good in this final battle against evil. i am ashamed too say that ive been researching conspiracy theories etc for nearly 15 years and have only just decided to pull my finger out of my arse and do something about it and although im playing catch up am off to a blinding start thanks to you in part. we are nearly there and the time is near we will be victorious. THANK YOU

  21. I found you via Youtube, I was looking for news on Cliff Richard and somehow ended up here! What you are doing is commendable and I am sure that one day the truth will come out aboutt all the hypocrites in our society.

    Does it surprise me that top politicians and celebrities are involved in child abuse? Not a jot. Abuse by those in power has been going on since the dawn of time. I am just glad it’s starting to be exposed. Keep up the good work!

  22. Hi Folks,
    Great respect to what you are doing.
    I have my own political views but agree that all those in power should be challenged to find out and admit the truth.Those who have abused children and then abused their power to hide this need to be brought to justice.
    Things to come!
    I am sure more will be revealed and it goes right to the top.
    Keep up your strength and good heart and don’t let the bastards grind you down.
    Best Regards,

  23. Just wanted to say to bill and chris and everyone else involved with bringing the truth to the people to keep on doing what your doing.It`s guys like you that make this country great not the elitist filth that have been suppressing us and raping our children and our wallets for centuries.Not sure if it will do any good but i have this morning sent an email to my local mp peter bone asking him if he signed the letter supporting an independant enquiry into the paedophile scandal within government and if not why not?I think it is up to the people now to put pressure on, starting at local level and working up to national level to weed out everyone from local councilors right to the top if we bury our heads and let government and police deal with it we know it will just be buried never to be heard of again.I have been raising local awareness in my area on this matter via friends blogs social media etc and the movement i feel is growing but it needs guidance and your regular updates provide this,so keep fighting the fight there are many of us out there that are behind you all the way my friend.

  24. I love all your work and your crew and yourself really opened my eye I’ve done multiple research my self and find this had to understand why the world is the way it is . I’m sure like your selfs there is only love for your fellow woman or man . I just wanted to say I’m discussed and have many skill you my like to make use of in the future. I will keep up-to date with your journey and please let me know if there anything I can help with.

    Shame on the NWO and the people who follow it time to take back our freedom.

  25. Look after yourself mate, we need you here. Your work is very important. I quote your ‘protection’ of our language because I was raised in a area with swearing too. ;0)

  26. Hi Bill ,and all of you at P&M, I am Phil and I’m at my wits end. I have gone through every avenue I can think of , napac, nspcc,psychiatrists ,POLICE ,and I cannot find help anywhere .I am thinking that there is onlyone way out, to stop all these unwanted thoughts and cant think about anything else. My dad buggered me as a child,and kicked me up and down the place .He is aFreemason ,so hewill die in peace(70) .I have had my abuse counselling pulled from under me .Bill youare a tough man,Plz tell me what to do as I have exhausted every thing I can do?TY ,you are my hero .Bye

  27. It’s fairly well established that those seeking to exploit children have a tendency to beat the drum on behalf of children; Jim’ll Fix It, Max Clifford’s saccharine publicity about his daughter’s disability and the myriad of foster carers, scout leaders and so many others who are far too child centered to the extent off being odd and far worse. It’s a flagrant camouflage. I don’t think I have ever come across as extreme an illustration of this trait than your pages. It’s quite disturbing.

  28. I just watched your work. Very moving. Also, very intriguing. I’m an American and in my state of Iowa, last year a juvenile home(care center) not a detention center, they were found to be putting kids in solitary confinement. The irony of this you may chuckle at. The conservative governor closed the fuckers down. Put the kids in hospitals and foster(private) homes. The liberals and the employees’ labor unions are now basically screaming bloody murder. They want those kids back. It scares me, these people we call leaders. Thanks for your commitment, keep up the good work!!

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