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Adam Rickwood & The Medomsley Heroes

Government Funded Child Abuse

Previously Banned by Coroner Judge!

Victims of a sadistic paedophile prison officer Neville Husband finally have some closure after securing damages from the Home Office worth more than £500,000. Their victory is set to pave the way for thousands of other victims of historic abuse to seek compensation.

THE MEDOMSLEY HEROES: The survivors of Neville Husband’s brutal sexual and physical abuse formed themselves into a group: justice4survivors. They approached award winning working class film director Bill Maloney (who has himself stepped forward as a victim of abuse whilst in YOIs and Borstals back in the 1970s – his whole family were abused in care). Maloney was horrified but not surprised by their stories of sadistic sexual abuse and injustice as the hands of UK Authorities and Institutions. He worked with the survivors to make a hard-hitting gritty documentary ‘Adam Rickwood & The Medomsley Heroes‘. Maloney states, “In this documentary we let these brave men tell their stories without sanitizing the content”. The victims are currently pushing for a public enquiry. Almost all victims never get their day in court as they are pressurised by the system to accept early settlements – therefore their stories do not reach the public domain. Neville Husband, The Medomsley Monster, was released from prison in October 2009 after serving 8 years of a 10 year sentence.

Adam Rickwood brings the horrors up to date

Whilst researching Medomsley detention centre (now Hassockfield Secure Training Centre) Maloney discovered that as recently as 2004 Adam Rickwood (14), became the youngest prisoner to allegedly commit suicide in the UK. Adam’s family and friends all believe that Adam did not kill himself and that there has been a massive cover-up; this is truthfully and emotionally displayed in the documentary. Adam was found hanging by his trainer-laces in his cell with a broken nose, broken wrist and covered in bruises.

Maloney’s outspoken and unsanitised documentaries are too controversial for major broadcast networks, but the public need to know what is happening to their taxes when private security companies such as Serco are looking after our children and receiving approx £178,000 per year per child – whilst working class children are dying or being abused in Government funded care.


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10 Responses to Adam Rickwood & The Medomsley Heroes

  1. Richard says:

    Thankyou for this movie.

  2. Jane Hardy says:

    Thank you for making such good films that tell it how it is

  3. Jane Hardy says:

    In response to Adam Rickwood and the Medomsley heros – Richard was put into care at 3 weeks old and never adopted. I cannot understand this as so many people want babies and cannot have them, every woman that ever wanted to adopt should sue the system for Richard and all the other children blocked from having a real home. They have destroyed this man and there will be a woman who wants to be a mum somewhere crying because the state say she is not “suitable” to adopt. What a sick system.
    This really needs to change.
    This is horrific – I have had to watch it three times before I could take it in.

    • Richie says:

      Thank you for your comments Jane. I do look back and wonder why the system didn’t find me a home from 3 weeks. I have tried to find my file from the SS but they say it has gone missing or destroyed. I do look back in anger but have come to terms with my life. Thanks for your understanding. I know Im not alone. Richard X

      • Shelly Ouellette says:

        Hi Richard…I think your a awesome, a very strong individual a great sense of humour, smart and handsome…I was wondering if you got your day in court yet..? And if yes..!!! How did it turn out..? Wishing you all the best…Shelly.O.

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  5. DAVE JOSEPH says:



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  6. Jane says:

    Adam was only 14 a TEENAGER. Should have been looked after properly.

  7. Ken says:

    Thanks for this important film. I was a social worker but left because of the lack of response regarding grooming and sexual abuse of children. I moved to work with the elderly but after the outcome in Rotherham regarding grooming and sexual abuse by predominantly Pakistani Paedophiles I put an email on the chief executives asking that given the outcome of the Rotherham court case is there likely to be any prosecutions in this authority given that it was noticeable by its absence when I worked in Children and Families. Outcome was I received a written warning and threatened with the sack. Establishment cover up

    God help us all in this country

  8. lisa brown says:

    Thank you for making these films. I have been looking into various subjects from extra-terrestrials, existence on earth MKultra, new world order agenda 21, poverty control, historical class abuse, ww2, all lead back to satanic ritual abuse which has been going on for decades. The way governments control the money and how it is used within institutions, social poverty and control of our children when the system has ground us down to nothing and to the point where we can’t function anymore as we are being watched and judged at every decision or move made which only a small percentage can be justified?!! to benefit the agendas is shocking!! It is all premeditated!!! I hope the families can find peace in knowing they will be reunited
    with their loved ones again soon and know the truth about the soul energy and enlightenment xxx

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