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Dyana Maloney’s Death

Timeline of events constructed by her Brother Bill Maloney (July 2009)

2001 – 2006

4 Sept 2001 – Dyana Maloney commenced legal proceedings against Southwark/Lambeth Councils for child sex abuse whilst in their care. She initially instructed High street Solicitor ‘David Thomas’ of David Thomas & Co to represent her. Her statement was connected with ‘The Chile Investigation’; although they held the case for five years it proved too big for David Thomas & Co, who failed to advise her effectively.


19 Oct – Dyana instructed new solicitor ‘Frances Swaine’ of ‘Leigh Day & Co’ to take over the case.



(Watched that thing last night about Jersey)

The fear and fright wore on
The child became a woman
Who forty years on
still needs the light on

When all around is quiet and at peace as dust falls
She drowns her inner whimpers and calls

The 11 year old child who finds comfort in beer
Erased for a wink, the terror, the fear.

1 Apr – Bill Maloney (Brother of Dyana), with his assistant Laura Dudman travel to Jersey to construct a documentary on the child sex abuse allegations at children’s home ‘Haut de la Garenne’ for Pie ‘n’ Mash Films. Dyana had informed Bill that she and her twin brother and younger sister had been taken there on a sailing holiday when in care in the 60’s and that she remembers being sexually abused whilst there. She was proud of her brother’s investigation and helped with the funding of the documentary but at this stage she didn’t want it to affect her current legal case. She told her brother to be careful.

4 Apr – Darren Baba the third member of Bill’s team arrived on the Island and was booked into separate accommodation to Bill and Laura. This was for the sake of security as Darren was to hold all documentary footage and make sure it returned safely to Pie ‘n’ Mash Films if any complications were to arise.

– Bill and the team are concerned as to their safety after interviewing on the streets of St Helier and being observed and followed by suspicious individuals that they believed to be part of the Jersey Establishment. Laura took to wedging a matchstick between the closed door and it’s frame to Bill’s bedroom when they were out. On three occasions the matchstick had been knocked down meaning someone had entered the apartment. They asked the owner if he or anyone else had entered the property in their absence, he stated that he had not, nor anyone else. Bill also noticed that his driving license had gone missing. Maria contacted the car hire company to see if he had left it with them when receiving the previously arranged hire car. They confirmed that they did not have his driving license.
Maria Maloney contacted the Channel4 News team with their security concerns and to possible complications when Bill and the team leave Jersey. Maria spoke to Jane Kinney at ITN who told her to keep her direct contact details and if anything untoward should happen then she could contact her directly.

8 Apr – Bill and team leave Jersey. At the airport Bill was asked by security to take his camcorder out of it’s bag and turn it on to show that it was a working camera. No other part of his person was searched. Laura was also searched; Darren was not.

13 Apr – Pie ‘n’ Mash Films commence researching statistics and editing Jersey documentary entitled: Sun, Sea & Satan.

29 Apr – Dyana was informed by her solicitors ‘Leigh Day & Co’ that after almost seven years her case had collapsed. They quoted:

‘In summary, Counsel concludes that:

  • In respect of some of the incidents there is no reasonable prospect of establishing that Lambeth/Southwark are liable as employers (vicarious liability)
  • Where vicarious liability is potentially established, Counsel concludes that, in any event, our claim is likely to be time-barred and you have a less than 51-55% chance of persuading the Court to hear your claims against Southwark & Lambeth outside the usual time limit
  • That any claim against your previous solicitors is not worth pursuing due to the low value of it, and therefore you would be very unlikely to obtain legal aid.

This was the Counsel’s conclusion even though Dyana’s twin brother had previously had a successful claim. Dyana was devastated.

19 May– Copies of Documentary ‘Sun, Sea & Satan’ were sent to: Simon Read at BBC Plymouth; Donna Taberer at BSkyB News; Jane Kinney at ITN News at Channel4; Alana Bailey at ITN Factual; Arthur Martin at Daily Mail.
Maria Maloney spoke directly with the above contacts on the telephone, all of who requested a copy of the documentary; the film was now out.

19 May – to – 13 June
Pie ‘n’ Mash Films sent a Press Release email outlining the documentary and Bill’s findings to crime reporters at: News of The World; Daily Mail; The Sun; The Mirror; The Times; The Independent; Financial Times; London Metro; South London Press; Newsshopper; Kent on Sunday; Bromley Times; The Irish World; Irish Post. Emails also went to TV and radio contacts: BBC TV News London; LBC Radio; Talksport Radio and Capital Radio.

3 Jun – Bill was working at his production studio in Whitstable, Kent and called
Dyana at her home in South London (eve), she was having a drink with a
friend (Virginia Burke) not previously known to us. Dyana told Bill that she was concerned for her security and that she had received a letter from the House of Commons. Bill asked what it was about but she didn’t want to talk about it on the phone. He told her to look after her security because of the work he was investigating regarding child abuse and the connections with Jersey. Dyana told him “you’d better get your arse back here if you want me to feel secure!” Bill also spoke to Virginia who was with Dyana at the time. Bill then contacted Thomas Farrell, Dyana’s long-term friend and partner (76) to see if he knew of Virginia Burke. Thomas said that he didn’t like her as she was aggressive and he wouldn’t have her in his home. It later came to our notice that Ms Burke was previously employed at Dyana’s former solicitors David Thomas & Co as a Managing Clerk. (Her name was on the Solicitor’s Letterhead).

6 Jun – Dyana’s neighbour ‘Susan’ (who has Bipolar and lives above Dyana’s flat) called for a ‘Welfare Check’ on Dyana as she found her unconscious with dried blood around her mouth at the bottom of her stairs in the communal entrance hallway. An Ambulance took Dyana to Kings College Casualty Dept where Dr Sofia Rahman examined her. Dyana stated being ‘punched in the chest’ within the Doctor’s report.

8 Jun – Dyana made her final call on her mobile to her partner Thomas Farrell.

12 Jun – Dyana’s upstairs neighbour Susan reported smell to police and that she had not seen Dyana for some days. Police broke into her flat and found her dead on all fours at the end of her bed. She was with her puppy. Apparently a forensic doctor attended the scene and confirmed her death as ‘not suspicious’.

14 Jun – Lewisham Police PC Ade Gbola (5150)PL and PC Luke visit Bill and Maria’s home to inform them of Dyana’s death. They stated that she had been dead for some time but that there were no suspicious circumstances, they had no further information available as it was being dealt with by Walworth Police.
We contacted Walworth police throughout the day with no response and were finally advised by the police enquiry line that we would have to put in a formal complaint in order to receive a response, which we did.
We eventually received a call from Inspector Mark Ambrose (Walworth Police) confirming that Dyana had been found dead, again confirming no suspicious circumstances. He informed us that PC Jodie Carson (PC248MD) was the officer who entered and found Dyana but she was not available to help with further details. We were provided with incident number: CAD 7314. He stated that we needed to contact the Southwark Coroner’s Office for information on where Dyana was held but that this would not be open until Mon 16th 8am.

– We went to Dyana’s partner Thomas Farrell to break the news to him; a neighbour, who had seen the Police outside Dyana’s flat, had already informed him earlier that day. Mr Farrell (76 and disabled with cerebral ataxia) had immediately made his way directly to Walworth Police Station when he had received the news. He asked the desk officer where his girlfriend was held and what had happened to their puppy. The officer did not know where Dyana was held and told Mr Farrell that it was a police station and not a kennels; he should try Battersea Dogs Home. We pacified Mr Farrell who was severely distressed and told him we would try and obtain the facts and find the puppy.

– We then visited Dyana’s flat with Mr Farrell who had ownership of the keys, to survey the scene. We collected any relevant records and documents along with any medical items available i.e. bottles of Diazepam; medication for epilepsy; analgesics, inhalers etc. The smell of the property where a large amount of blood remained (mainly in bedroom at end of bed) was almost unbearable. We noted bloodstained bed sheets and resuscitation masks in the living room.

16 Jun 8am – We contacted Southwark Coroner’s Office. The Coroner dealing with Dyana was Keith Norman. He confirmed that Dyana was in the mortuary and would need formal identification, papers signed etc which Maria Maloney agreed to do. He confirmed that Dyana was held at Greenwich Mortuary, and would confirm a date/time for ID on 17th. Maria expressed concern as to the amount of blood found at Dyana’s flat. He informed her that this is normal for bodies dead for some time as all fluids are released. Maria asked why resuscitation masks and bed covers were found in Dyana’s living room and not her bedroom, he informed her that the ambulance staff may have carried Dyana into the other room and that they are legally bound to try and resuscitate until police/forensic doctor arrives and formally announces a death. We cannot understand carrying a decomposed body from one room to the next to resuscitate. The flat was in a ransacked state.

– We called Walworth Police Station and spoke to Inspector Richard Barton who informed us that they held Dyana’s personal belongings: Mobile/Diary/Inhaler/Keys/Pills/£20. These items were available for collection but we needed to bring along evidence of Dyana and ourselves. We asked again if PC Jodie Carson, who found Dyana, was available to help with any information but we were told that she was not on duty. We asked if the police could advise as to where Dyana’s puppy had been taken and was told it had been collected by the RSPCA. We contacted the RSPCA and were informed that they never collect dogs from police at a scene but to try Battersea Dogs Home where they would normally be held. We contacted Battersea and they confirmed they had the puppy, which they confirmed had been bloodstained on arrival with the police. To date, we have still had no contact with the police.

– We contacted Dyana’s GP Julia Hodges to inform her of Dyana’s death and to confirm whether Dyana had any blood infections/viruses that could be carried on the dog. She confirmed that to her knowledge Dyana carried no infections or viruses and was extremely shocked at the news of Dyana’s death as she had been a popular patient at her practice and had been doing so well.

17 Jun Early AM – Coroner Keith Norman contacted us with an apology. Dyana was, in fact, unidentifiable due to de-composition. He stated: ‘the dog had also had a little nibble at Dyana’s face’, although he confirmed that he had not personally seen her. They would therefore need to identify Dyana using dental records and Maria Maloney was no longer required to identify the body. He stated that once the Forensic Odontologist had confirmed Dyana’s identity he could release the body for funeral purposes. We expressed concern as to the body being released without having a cause/time of death etc. Mr Norman assured us that they would only need a small liver sample for toxicology results to ascertain cause/time of death and that there were no suspicious circumstances. We asked Mr Norman how he was confident of this and he informed us that he had instructed a high-level forensic pathologist to do the Post Mortem and that he was satisfied enough to release the body.

20 Jun – Thomas Farrell (76) (Dyana’s partner) was visited at 5.45am by an alleged local drug dealer ‘Derek Green’ who demanded money from Thomas for ‘Valium’ that he had supposedly previously supplied to Dyana. Thomas had the foresight to call Maria Maloney while the Mr Green was still with him and she spoke to Mr Green directly. He told Maria that Dyana owed him £200 for valium and that people had been threatening his family and to kick his door in if he didn’t give them £200. Maria told him to provide her with his contact details and that her husband would call him regarding the situation but to leave Thomas’s property immediately whilst she was still on the phone, which he did. Maria then left it approx 15 minutes and tried the tel numbers Mr Green provided. She got through successfully and said that her husband would call him. She then immediately contacted Walworth Police and spoke to Duty Inspector Nick Collins. She explained the situation with specific reference to Dyana’s recent death and Inspector Collins said that he would call Thomas to arrange to take a statement. PC’s Drew Hussey and Ian McFerson visited Thomas later that morning and took his statement. PC McFerson then contacted Maria to inform her that they would put a ‘priority call’ to Thomas’s address for the next 48 hours and that they would try to find Derek Green and have a ‘word with him’. (Incident Ref: 1754). We have heard nothing further regarding this incident.

23 Jun – Received Letter from Coroner Keith Norman informing date of Dyana’s inquest as 24 Sept 08. The letter also supplied three Interim Notifications of Death certificates for funeral purposes dated 23 June 2008 which stated: ‘The precise medical cause of death has not yet been ascertained’.

24 Jun – We cleared Dyana’s property of personal items and remained while Southwark Council fumigated.

30 Jun – Final date to empty and collect Dyana’s property and return keys to Southwark Council. (Returned by recorded delivery).

4 Jul – From Dyana’s personal items we managed to locate contact details for estranged twin brother and younger sister. We contacted them with the sad news (First time Bill Maloney had had contact with either in over 30 years).

9 Jul – Dyana’s Cremation Honor Oak Crematorium. Those who attended included her partner Thomas Farrell, her family, her puppy, her GP, her former Solicitor, her support worker, Virginia Burke (friend with her on 3rd June) and some neighbours.

16 July – Maria Maloney called Max Clifford on his mobile and was told to email the story to his assistant Nichola at Max Clifford Associates, which she did.

Mid July – Bill Maloney spoke to another ‘estranged’ sister who was bought up in care with Dyana. She informed Bill that some years ago she had been involved in a child abuse enquiry (The Chile Investigation); as a result of this and because of her connections she had then been approached by the police to help them acquire paedophile ‘snuff’ movies. In 1998 she went under cover, met with a suspect and acquired videotapes containing the deaths of children on film. She provided these to the police but to date has heard nothing further from them.

22 Aug – Bill Maloney received a voice message, on his wife’s mobile telephone from former Metropolitan Police Officer and Immigration officer threatening his life after viewing the documentary Sun, Sea & Satan.

3 Sept – Received letter from Coroner Keith Norman enclosing: Evidence of ID; GP Report; Hospital report dated 6 June; Post Mortem and Toxicology report. The letter stated that they were still awaiting cause of death from pathologist. Maria contacted the Coroner’s office but Mr Norman was not available. Maria spoke to Peggy Farooqi who informed her it is quite common for there still to be no cause of death but to call the day before the inquest to see if the cause had been received as this was needed for inquest purposes. Maria also stated that there was no record or evidence of the puppy ‘nibbling’ Dyana’s body in the Post Mortem, even though Mr Norman had previously confirmed this. As he had not personally seen the body Maria questioned why this was not included and how Mr Norman would have known this; Ms Farooqi could provide no answer.

23 Sept – We contacted the Coroner’s Office and were informed again by Ms Farooqi that Mr Norman was on holiday and was therefore not available to attend Dyana’s inquest; nor the forensic pathologist. Ms Farooqi confirmed that the pathologist had stated ‘Cause of death unascertained’. Maria expressed concern that Mr Norman and the pathologist would not be in attendance as we had issues to raise. Ms Farooqi then subsequently left a message on Maria Maloney’s mobile that in fact the pathologist would now be able to attend the inquest.
We contacted both Southwark News and South London Press who stated that they would cover the inquest.

24 Sept – Inquest day 12 noon.

  • Article regarding Bill Maloney and Jersey Child Abuse Documentary appears in Irish World Newspaper.
  • Email received from Jersey Police Publicity Dept requesting copy of ‘Sun, Sea & Satan’ as seen in Irish World article.

– We arrived at the Coroner’s Court at 11.50am. The Inquest was delayed until approx 2.20pm.

– We presented a copy of The Irish World newspaper to the Coroner/Judge ‘Gail Elliman’ who stated that it was a little late. Bill raised questions regarding the lack of investigation and communication with his family by the police into Dyana’s death, bearing in mind they had held her mobile phone and diary which outlined some of her concerns, important contact information, and activities. Mr Maloney was asked to leave the courtroom while the Coroner had ‘five minutes’ to look at the article. All Dyana Maloney’s representatives, including the press journalist were asked to leave, leaving the PCs and pathologist in the court room for their opportunity to provide their information.

Mr Maloney was then recalled (alone) to talk to the Coroner. He was asked for his information whilst the police and pathologist remained but he requested that he be awarded the same privilege of privacy as awarded the police and pathologist as he was informed the Coroner should be impartial. He informed the Coroner that he had questions regarding Dyana’s report from Kings College Casualty regarding a ‘punch in the chest’ to which the Coroner went silent and said that she hadn’t noted this information (although it was clearly one of the statements submitted and to be used within witness statements). The Coroner then asked Mr Maloney if he thought his sister Dyana had been unlawfully killed to which he replied, “I believe my sister was murdered because of the work I did on the Crown-owned Island of Jersey”. He then re-iterated his request not to continue with a ‘secret meeting’, he would be happy to speak in an open public court, which we understood Coroner’s Courts are meant to be. The Coroner then stated that if Mr Maloney felt it was a secret meeting then he should leave. He then left the courtroom.

– Mrs Maloney returned to the courtroom to be met by the Court Usher and the PC who found Dyana. She asked what the situation was in view of our concerns and the fact that we felt Mr Maloney had been denied the same privilege of privacy as the police and pathologist. The Usher’s attitude was stern and exasperated; Mrs Maloney reminded her that Mr Maloney was the bereaved brother and that sympathy and understanding of the circumstances should be taken into consideration and that this was a serious catalogue of errors by the relevant authorities as far as we were concerned. The Usher confirmed that the Coroner had adjourned the inquest pending further investigations and that Coroner Keith Norman would contact us on return of his holiday to inform of a further inquest date. I thanked her and stated that this is what we ultimately required and left the courtroom.

The journalist in attendance was shocked by the procedures adopted by the court and continued to interview Mr Maloney regarding the concerns surrounding the death of Dyana.

25 Sept – Southwark News Reports ‘Family Insists Mystery Death Was Murder’ on front-page as leading cover story.

26 Sept – Pie ‘n’ Mash Films post Bill Maloney’s Interview outside the Coroner’s Court and the Trailer for Sun, Sea & Satan on their website, YouTube, and Facebook.

3 Oct – Press agency contacted Maria Maloney through Southwark News to investigate the story of Dyana’s death. The Maloney’s decided not to pursue this avenue, as they were not interested in any financial gain. However the press agent contacted both the Coroner Keith Norman and Walworth Police who informed her that there was to be no further investigation into Dyana’s death.

21 Oct – In order to ascertain the correct procedures/conduct and privacy laws in a Coroner’s Court Maria Maloney contacted:

  • The Law Society (Informed it was not their jurisdiction, they had no information and were unable to help);
  • The Solicitors Complaints Service (Informed it was not their jurisdiction, they had no information and were unable to help);
  • The Office for Judicial Complaints (Informed Maria that they believe a Coroner can chose to conduct a Coroner’s inquest in private (secret) if they deem advisable and that no Government Body can intervene with a Coroner’s decision);
  • The Ministry of Justice – Policy team of Coroner’s Unit (Informed Maria that Every Inquest must be held in public unless National Security is affected. And that everyone has the right to a public enquiry into the death of a family member.)

The Coroner’s Court did not inform us of these ‘Privacy exclusions’ on the date of the Inquest. This therefore implies that the Coroner/Judge ‘Gail Elliman’ must have deemed Dyana’s inquest as a threat to National Security. The only threat to national security in the case of Dyana’s death would be the exposure of the Establishment’s cover up into the investigation of child abuse in care homes and in her brother’s recent investigations into the alleged cover-ups of child abuse and possibly murders at Haut de la Garenne.


Dyana Maloney was a strong ‘Womens’ and ‘Human Rights’ activist. She spent her life helping people. She was arrested in Northern Ireland by the Secret Service whilst demonstrating; She spoke for the Womens’ Rights Campaign in Trafalgar Square; She appeared on ITV’s Newsround in her twenties; and wrote a number of published articles – all for ‘good’. The horrors she experienced while under the care of the British Establishment means she should not be thrown away like this.

Bill could lift Dyana when he hugged her with one arm. He was constantly nagging her to eat and put on some weight, the Post Mortem Report describes her as “A well nourished female”.

As of 31 December 2008 neither the Coroner’s Office nor the Police have contacted Bill Maloney, Thomas Farrell, or, to our knowledge anyone connected with Dyana Maloney, other than to supply the date of resumption of Inquest.

The Maloney family wish to exercise their Right to speak in more detail at the Inquest to include reference to ‘writings’ from Dyana Maloney’s Diary which the police released to them on 17th June 2008, five days after finding Dyana dead.


In 1970 Bill Maloney’s older brother (by three years) Peter Maloney allegedly took his own life at the age of 17 in a squat in Tonbridge Wells, Kent (an opulent area). The Pilkington Family (of Pilkington Glass) offered to pay for Peter’s funeral, as one of the senior’s of the Pilkington family, who helped struggling artists had built a relationship with Peter who was a ‘slum’ boy from a ‘slum’ part of Peckham.

In 2006 Maria Maloney contacted the Pilkington family requesting that any artwork held by Peter Maloney should be released to the Maloney family. All knowledge was denied by the Pilkingtons of any Peter Maloney, even though they had offered to pay for his funeral, which the Maloney’s angry Irish Labourer Father refused.

When Bill was at his Father’s funeral in 1977, Social Worker ‘Caroline Whitehead’ asked Bill if he wanted to see his Mother who was in a mental institution. This he declined, as his Mother had left the whole family in poverty when Bill was just four years old to become a prostitute that she may climb from poverty herself. A short while after, Bill was told his Mother had died in the mental institution. It was only at his Sister Dyana’s funeral that he found out that his Mother had also committed suicide.

It is Bill Maloney’s belief that his poor Irish immigrant parents’ children were targeted by ‘Establishment’ paedophiles and that there is more to his Sister’s death than ‘Unascertained’.

The above Timeline and additional background information was supplied to Kieth Norman at Southwark Coroner’s Office one week prior to the resumption of Dyana’s Inquest to be held on Friday 9th January.

09 Jan 2009 – The Inquest of Dyana Maloney resumed on Friday 9 January 2009.

The Inquest commenced as scheduled at 2.30 pm. At Southwark Coroner’s Court

Bill Maloney, Brother of Dyana, attended with his family and a close friend and colleague. Along with the witnesses there were also three members of the press. The Maloney family noted that there was no Court Usher, and Coroner’s Assistant Keith Norman, who was to be a key witness in Dyana Maloney’s Inquest, in fact ushered them in.

As Coroner/Judge ‘Gail Elliman’ entered the courtroom all in court were requested to stand but the Maloney group remained seated.

The Coroner then proceeded to explain her duty and commenced reading the witness statements of witnesses not in attendance including:

  • Forensic Odontologist, Dr Alfred Wilfred Martin
  • Dyana Maloney’s GP, Dr Julia Hodges
  • Registrar in Emergency Kings College Hospital, Dr Sofia Rahman

The first witness called was PC Jodie Carson.

PC Carson claimed that she had a sore throat and would do her best to speak loudly enough. Mr Maloney asked the Coroner if the microphones were working, as he could not hear PC Carson. The Coroner said that they were. Mr Maloney tapped one of the microphones and informed the Coroner that they were not working. Mr Maloney vigorously fought to get the microphones on; the request was rejected. He then stated, “This is my Sister’s Inquest and I cannot hear the evidence!” He then asked the Coroner if everything was being recorded and she stated “Yes Mr Maloney, everything is being recorded”. To which he replied “Good”.

PC Carson continued with her evidence, after a very short while Mr Maloney interrupted again saying he and his group could not hear PC Carson. He then turned to the back of the courtroom and asked if there was anyone who couldn’t hear, there was a 50/50 mixed response. The Coroner said she would repeat what PC Carson was saying, this process was put to use but didn’t last long as the Coroner was missing some of PC Carson’s dialogue. The Maloney family protested strongly. The Inquest was turning into a farce before it had begun. The Coroner asked PC Carson if she could try to speak up just a little more, to which PC Carson replied, “I will do my best”. From hereon PC Carson managed to speak loudly enough for the whole Court to hear.

During questioning from the Coroner PC Carson stated that she was the first officer on the scene and that a neighbour had alerted the police to a bad smell and that she hadn’t seen her neighbour for a few days. During the Coroner’s questioning it was unclear whether PC Carson was alone or with a colleague. PC Carson stated that when she walked into the flat she was met by a puppy. She then entered the first door on the right, which was open (Dyana’s bedroom). PC Carson then went on to state that Dyana was crouched on all fours face down between the foot of her bed and the bedroom wall. PC Carson stated that she wasn’t sure if the body was a male or female at first and that she couldn’t see Dyana’s face. The Coroner asked PC Carson if there were any signs of external physical injuries to Dyana. PC Carson replied she could see no external injuries. Mr Maloney interrupted to tell the Coroner that his family had been told by Keith Norman (Coroner’s Officer) that the puppy had had a nibble at Dyana. The Coroner instructed Mr Maloney to be quiet. Mr Maloney ignored the Coroner and directed the question to PC Carson. Mr Maloney said “Did you see any external injuries on my Sister’s body?” The Coroner again asked Mr Maloney to be quiet. PC Carson never answered the question. The Coroner then asked PC Carson “Did you see any external injuries on Dyana Maloney?” to which PC Carson replied, “There were some red marks on the side of Dyana’s neck just below her ear.
Mr Maloney was allowed to ask PC Carson why the body had been moved from the bedroom to the back lounge. PC Carson said she wasn’t aware of the body being moved to which Mr Maloney replied “Why then was there a trail of blood leading from the bedroom to the back room? And why was there a sheet in the middle of the floor in the back room with blood on it and a resuscitation mask? PC Carson was unable to answer these questions.

PC Carson then went on to give her account of how she had called for assistance, the response to which was the arrival on the scene of Sergeant Leigh Green. This was the first time the Maloney family had heard this name. The Coroner then asked PC Carson if Sergeant Green had investigated the scene fully. PC Carson replied, “Sergeant Green had arrived on the scene”. The Coroner then moved on. Mr Maloney asked the Coroner if PC Carson could answer her last question. The Coroner said PC Carson has answered the question to which Mr Maloney responded “You asked PC Carson if Sergeant Green had investigated the scene fully to which she replied “Sergeant Green was at the scene”, that was not answering your question”. Mr Maloney then directed his question to PC Carson “Did Sergeant Green fully investigate the scene?” to which PC Carson replied, “Sergeant Green was present”.

Mrs Maloney then interrupted and asked the Coroner if she could ask PC Carson a question to which she agreed. Mrs Maloney then stated to PC Carson that she couldn’t understand why she could not confirm that Dyana’s body had been moved when the Coroner’s Officer Keith Norman had informed Mrs Maloney that the body may have been moved by the ambulance staff in order to resuscitate the body, which they are legally bound to do until the arrival of a Doctor at the scene. PC Carson still stated that she did not move the body and was not aware of the body being moved.

Coroner’s Officer takes the stand

The Coroner then asked the Coroner’s Officer Keith Norman to stand in the witness box. The Coroner asked Mr Norman if he would have advised Mrs Maloney that the body may have been moved as she had described, to which he replied “absolutely not”. Mrs Maloney stated, “You have sworn on oath Mr Norman and you absolutely did tell me that the body may have been moved”. It was at that point that the Maloney family began to protest to the Coroner that Mr Norman was lying. Mr Maloney stated that Mr Norman had also told the Maloney family that he was prepared to release Dyana’s body for cremation to which the Maloney family had shown concern as there was no cause of death and that they could be destroying evidence. But Mr Norman had assured Mrs Maloney that he was convinced that the sample of liver from Dyana would determine the cause of death. Mr Maloney tried to question Mr Norman about how he knew the puppy had nibbled Dyana’s face and why this was not in the autopsy report. The Coroner interrupted Mr Maloney and stated that she will not have her Coroner officer questioned. Mr Maloney stated that a Coroner is meant to be impartial. The Coroner said she was impartial. As the atmosphere became more heated the Coroner appeared flustered and called a five-minute recess. As Mr Maloney was on his way out of the courtroom he pointed and stated directly to Mr Norman “You are a liar Sir!”

Police Sergeant takes the stand

When the court resumed, the next witness to be called was Police Sergeant Leigh Green. The coroner asked Sergeant Green if he had fully investigated the scene, he said “I had seen a puppy with blood over its chest, on its bib if you like”.
Even though it had been reported by Battersea dogs home that there was just a small amount of blood on the dogs snout. The Maloney’s were also told by Keith Norman (Coroners Officer) that the blood that was found came from when the body was being moved, as in its decomposed state internal fluids would be released.
If the dog only had a nibble, where did the blood come from that was on the dog’s chest, and why weren’t any references made to it in the autopsy report?

The Coroner then went on to ask Sergeant Green if he had made the apartment a crime scene? To which he replied, “No, because I had already looked around, there was no sign of false entry, all windows and doors were locked.” He said, “The place was is an unkempt state and there were empty vodka bottles”

Mrs Maloney asked Sergeant Green if he was qualified to determine whether or not Dyana’s death should be treated as a crime scene. Sergeant Green stated that he was.
Sergeant Green continued to deliver his evidence. He stated that he had spoken to Dyana’s upstairs neighbour (Susan) and she had said that she had remembered seeing Dyana arguing with a man in the street some days before and told him about Dyana being taken to Kings College Hospital on 6th June after she had found Dyana unconscious in their communal hallway with dried blood around her mouth. Sergeant Green had contacted Kings College Hospital who said that they would only supply information in person; he therefore sent PC Carson and another officer to Kings College Hospital where they confirmed that Dyana had been admitted to casualty on 6th June complaining of being punched in the chest. Mrs Maloney then asked Sergeant Green why it had taken so long for the police to contact them as the police had retained Dyana’s Diary along with her mobile phone and other documents to help find the next of kin. There were plenty of references to Bill Maloney in the Diary and he was saved and logged on her mobile phone. Sergeant Green stated that he had looked in the Diary and saw some ‘ramblings’ and comments about the upstairs neighbour being evil but that he could remember no information to find the next of kin. Mrs Maloney asked if the Diary could be referred to as she had it with her but the Coroner refused to pursue these questions.

Mr. Maloney then interrupted asking Sergeant Green “Why wasn’t this made a crime scene? My sister was punched in the chest by an unknown assailant, and taken to Kings College Hospital six days before she was found dead, and also the law says that a decomposed body should be treated as suspicious.” Mr.Maloney then proceeded to read a guideline from the Kent Police on how the finding of a decomposed body should be treated.
The Coroner objected, but as Mr.Maloney began to read she gave way. The document read:

“Suspicious deaths”

3.1. A death will be deemed “suspicious” when the following
circumstances apply:

  • Sudden and unexplained infant deaths (previously known as Cot Deaths)
  • Suicides
  • Deaths – involving the use of illegal drugs or substances
  • Unidentified bodies
  • Decomposed bodies
  • Bodies found at sea
  • Recovery of human bones

3.2. Any death, the circumstances of which arouse suspicion (potential murder or manslaughter, etc.), which may include some fatal Road Traffic Crashes (RTC) (see policy PO2) or incidents in the workplace (see policy N39A).

3.3. The purpose of the Detective Inspector attending is to conduct an initial investigation of the death using their experience, knowledge and the circumstances surrounding the body and death. The Detective Inspector then should make an informed decision as to whether the death should continue to be treated as suspicious.

3.4. All suspicious deaths must be reported as soon as practicable to the Area Crime Manager who should undertake a review of the investigation at that time and if necessary the duty SIO should be contacted for advice.

3.5. A Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) will attend all incidents of suspicious death and ensure that the scene is fully photographed.

3.6. Remember; there may be a good reason for treating a sudden death as suspicious, but a suspicious death must not be treated as a straightforward sudden death (See policy M64).

3.7. A suspicious death should continue to be dealt with in this regards until there is sufficient justification to no longer deem the death as suspicious. It should not be deemed ‘not suspicious’ just because there is no obvious crime.”


When Mr.Maloney finished reading he then asked the Coroner “Do you think after hearing that, that all this is going alright?” To which the Coroner replied “Yes I do” Mr.Maloney continued “Then I would suggest madam that you are part of a cover up, and there is no point in us going on any further.” It was at that point the Maloney group left the courtroom.
Sergeant Green continued to give his evidence. When the Maloney’s were outside the courtroom they decided that Maria Maloney and Regan Maloney would go back into court, as they all believe that justice was not being done, and perversion of it could be at play. Mrs Maloney and Regan Maloney went back into the courtroom; Mr Maloney and colleague remained outside the courtroom for a short while.

When Mr Maloney re-entered the courtroom Sergeant Green had finished giving his evidence.

Home Office Pathologist takes the Stand

During the questioning of the Pathologist Dr P.G. Jerreat, Bill Maloney asked the Pathologist if he could say how Dyana was killed and what time she was killed, to which the Pathologist replied: “I cannot”. When the Coroner was about to give the verdict she asked Mr Maloney to leave the courtroom, to which he complied.

The Death of Dyana Maloney




Bill Maloney is now working on a documentary depicting the brutality of our society upon child offenders during their imprisonment in Young Offenders and Childcare institutions entitled ‘The Story of Adam Rickwood and the 22 Crew’.

For further information please contact Maria Maloney (Mrs)
Tel: 07710 416470 Email:

About the Author

15 Responses to Dyana Maloney’s Death

  1. Donna R. says:

    Disgusting display. I don’t know how you keep from strangling these people…to me their willful inability to do their jobs would make them accessory to her murder.. I wish I were a lawyer or were in a position to help somehow. I was a ward of the state of Texas…but my abuse was at the hands of the ordinary Joes my mother dated. How is it that 9 times out of 10 they were men capable of this? Did she have a type or did I wear a target? A sitting insignificant child? Much was imbedded in me at such a young age, that I just accepted I was one of the unlucky..even God couldn’t be bothered w/me. But in raising my children, I have finally found a reason worthy enough to have endured. I know I went through what I my children benefit from the deep seeded discernment that can’t be taught..only developed for survival..LIke a child taught to play the piano at becomes second nature by the time he’s 10…and I now also know God was there, or I would have been dead many times over. Not sure why I told you I just felt it was safe to say. No one ever paid for what they did to me..that still bothers me some…but if you can get these pigs to pay, I would consider myself completely vendicated. Funny how this connects with my research on the elite organizations like skull and bones.. the Bovarian Illuminati that has consumed the upper degree Masonics..the Vatican’s Jesuits..I’m all over the There’s a story about a boy named Johnny Gosch..are you familiar? The Franklin Cover-up? I believe it’s the same in the US and world wide. including the royal family in England. Boils down to good vs. evil..and tho’ it may appear good is losing…it’s not. Not as long as there are people like you willing to fight. I shared your videos and I will post a link to your site on my profile. God Bless and God Speed. Donna

  2. Linda says:

    This whole matter was flawed from the start. When the ‘acting’ of officials continued, they added to the clear case of a cover up. I hope Bill and his family get the answers they deserve.

    • rose 'osullivan says:

      it is said and i believe it is true, that what dosen’t kill you makes you strong.
      God bless you and may he watch over you all


  3. Joyce says:

    I’m an American citizen. I find this truly appalling. I’ve seen your documentary , “Sun, sea and Satan.” I can’t believe those statues stand and no investigation is done on the people who own them or their origin.that the island is controlling their citizens in such a manner that no one feels secure enough to speak openly. They have no rights there. That is fuckin scary in itself. I find the death of Mr. Maloney’ s victimized sister a red flag as to the conspiracy of the elitist group who rape and murder children. These assholes need taken down. They need to be executed. They are the true epitome of evil. This should not be tolerated. It’s a truly fucked up world we live in when these things are hidden, covered up and allowed to happen by anyone, but even more repulsive, by the wealthy, the law enforcement and justice system. If you can’t trust law enforcement, you have absolutely nothing. This hasn’t just happened in Jersey. This happens every where. The only people fighting are the ones who experience the appalling, disgusting experiences first hand. That alone , is shameful. People must stand up and fight. Even if it’s not your kid. Your kid could be the next one kidnapped, put into foster care, an institution. There’s no guarantee that the law won’t take your child and do this, they’ve already proven they are not above lying to do as they wish. It’s disturbing to the core, and that’s putting it mildly. People everywhere should be truly outraged that this is happening. This is a war against your children. I keep flashing back to your documentary and those statues. The person who owned them securely knows nothing will happen to them for displaying them. They’re truly and undoubtedly taunting you, turning the one statue around so you can see the one statue . The wig placed on the other statue. They’re quite proud of their sickness. Safe and secure knowing they’re above the laws of humanity and common decency. At some point, decent people will be tired of this, decent people will go vigilante. Start taking them out, laws be damned. They don’t work anyway. These sadistic child rapists disgust me to my core, any pedophile does. I don’t care if they’re born that way. If it’s the way their under developed brain is wired. They are an immediate, dangerous threat to society, to the well being of children. They need to be exterminated. Even in America, they get a slap on the wrist, put on Megan’s law sex offender registry and are left out, unleashed on the public to offend repeatedly..over and over again. It’s ridiculous, it’s like quarantining a rabid dog, giving it no treatment (which won’t do shit anyway once they’ve contracted rabies) and then putting them on a list that they have rabies and releasing them into the public. Every last one of them should be shot point blank in the head, rich, poor, middle class, president, queen, I really don’t care. They’re not just useless to society, they’re an obvious threat and a poison to decent people everywhere. The damage they do is unfuckinbelievable. Keep fighting, Mr Maloney. May your dear dear sister rest in peace carrying with her nothing but peace, love and all things positive . May she be able to continue her fight from the other side with whatever powers God grants her to shift and turn the tables on these vile human beings. Without people like you, Mr Maloney , and your family , these things would go unnoticed and laws would never change, people would never be brought to justice. You keep fighting. You make sure your documentations have copies and are kept with several reliable sources. Let the truth come out. Expose them all so their faces are known world wide for what they’ve done. Thier day is coming.

  4. Joyce says:

    I also wonder about that Satan statue. Is that a marker for where murdered children ars dumped?

  5. zak says:

    Don’t you worry about these goyam there day is coming the isms won’t last long do a quick MO on the world it’s all gonna go down WW111 dajjal vs islam

  6. TRUEFORM says:

    Thankyou for your ” I am not going to back down ” approach . I do the same when I can ,although you and your team are much more active ( which I very much respect and admire – as I know what it takes to confront people with loose boundaries towards children and others).

  7. face the music says:

    To anyone who has just read the above.

    In response to this appalling miscarriage of justice that Dyana’s case serves to highlight (Jersey) as well the disgraceful handling of Dyana’s death – I would hope that anyone who reads this and any material relating to child abuse remembers this:

    Every night when you go to sleep, safe and warm in your bed, think of the children who lay awake terrified waiting to be dragged from theirs, to be subjected to a ritual of violence and abuse of the worst kind imaginable. And then, think about how they have no-one in the world who will help them. No-one who cares. And then, when you wake up in the morning, think of those children and how they too, perhaps not so far from you, are still living the nightmare that is their life. I implore anyone who cares to at least try to do something. Don’t turn a blind eye.

  8. face the music says:

    And Bill, you are a true hero.

  9. Robert Bullock says:

    If the whole of the people knew the real truth of the extent of the evil this would be over in a matter of hours. Not days. Hours. If those vast numbers of people were to have revealed to them the extent of the depravity and sheer darkness existing all along right alongside them in the high places then most of the world’s problems would be over. The bad news is this has not happened yet. The good news is that this certainly will happen. The risks to us if we do not seek to bring this about are greater than the risk posed to us by the evil itself. A good man or woman can only die once. The enemy faces the torment of death in eternity. GOD Bless the Survivors. GOD Bless those who have suffered. He knows the truth and He will render judgment. They fear Him and His wrath. We know it. They know it. The people know it.

  10. EYESWIDEOPEN says:

    Isn’t it ironic that there is so much focus being put on prostitution that involves consensual participants and it is being called ‘human trafficking (just ask one of MANY sex worker rights organizations and they will inform you)? While actual STATE SANCTIONED sexual abuse is getting covered up at every turn? Pay closer attention. That is exactly what is happening worldwide.

    The exponential rise in poverty (caused by the wealthy elite) is driving people into choosing sex work as never before, and more of these people are being arrested and subsequently made debt slaves to the state via social programs (funded by the state) meant to ‘reform’ them. Meanwhile, children and adults who have truly been abused are being systematically shut down at every turn.

    You may be against prostitution- but try to understand before you judge these people. You don’t have to agree with prostitution to be for decriminalizing these people (who more often than not are merely trying to survive).

    It costs the tax payers of the United States an estimated 6 billion annually to arrest sex workers and their clients (based on department of justice arrest data). The estimated cost to arrest someone is $3,400. That money goes to pay for police wages, jail, etc. job security for police and judges.

    If the government (or a government) sincerely believed there to be a massive sex trafficking epidemic in the united states (or the UK or elsewhere) why isn’t the money being used to arrest adults engaging in consensual sex to go after traffickers and to find victims who have been forced? Perhaps there is an agenda to misdirect attention towards consensual prostitution, while generating revenue for the establishment, while keeping very real and horrific goings on in the dark.

    A picture begins to develop when you look at events such as the Franklyn coverup in the US, Dyncorp being implicated in sex trafficking or the Jersey situation and others in the UK, where there are many thousands of alleged victims- victims who are silenced and systematically shut down? Oh yes there is something terribly terribly wrong here.

    We see also that the so called foster care system in the United States is a failure and the care system in Britain and Jersey are clearly failures.

    Describing these as failures is quite the understatement of the century.

    Are we to trust these establishments to be operating in our best interest and that of the children’s best interest?

    I must say that it appears that sociopaths are attracted to government positions as well as positions in the care systems. Hasn’t it already been established that predators seek out positions where they are able to easily prey upon their desired prey?

    Look at all the interest and campaigns regarding sex trafficking supported by the same governments which have been called out as having systematically covered up the massive abuse of children in state care! Who is being impacted by these campaigns? Not traffickers- but everyday people whose socioeconomic situations trafficked them into sex work. When arrested, these people fund the state as debt slaves. Only the state benefits. The people suffer in perpetuity.

  11. EYESWIDEOPEN says:

    I wanted to make a correction…

    Instead of ‘If the government (or a government) sincerely believed there to be a massive sex trafficking epidemic…

    I’d like to change it to say ‘If the government (or a government) sincerely CARED about victims of sex trafficking or believed there to be an epidemic in sex trafficking…

    I see a lot of crocodile tears and the further exploitation of sex trafficking victims to promote selfish political agendas.

    The money used to arrest people who by and large state that they are not being sex trafficked- would better be used to go after traffickers, and to investigate cases of child abuse and exploitation within or outside of state agencies. Such sex abuse IS pandemic! It simply isn’t going to be addressed by investigating and arresting consensual sex workers and their clients!

    DOJ funded research such as the study titled ‘sexual exploitation of children in the United States, Canada, and Mexico- claimed that 96% of child sex abuse and exploitation is committed by a person or persons in a position of trust- such as a caretaker, relative, coach, teacher, police officer, doctor, family friend- etc. Which left only 4% of child sex abuse being connected to the sex trade. This is the same research that abolitionists (anti prostitutionists) use when they claim that over 100,000 to 300,000 children are sex trafficked annually. HOWEVER- the authors of the study stated that they GUESSED that there were an ESTIMATED low of 1,400 sex trafficked up to 300,000 and when they revised the study they went as far as to say that their research should NOT be quoted as fact regarding the number of estimated sex trafficking victims. They even referred to the ‘woozle’ effect. Google it please. In fact, looking at USA DOJ data which is in the public domain, the low estimation of 1,400 given by the study is much more accurate. For example, in 2012 less than a total of 500 minors in the US were ‘rescued’ out of the sex trade. (They were arrested by the way)

    The same data which stated that only 4% of child sex exploitation could be attributed to commercial situations and that 96% was attributed to predators in a position of trust was used to greatly exaggerate the scope of sex trafficking while ignoring the 96% of predators being persons in a position of trust!

  12. Arthur says:

    Words don’t come easy Bill. My dad and all who fort for this country would be turning in his grave knowing this is what they fort for. How sad. We need a full stop to child abuse in this country U.K


  13. shocked!! says:

    Sickened and shocked at how far the establishment in our country go to cover up child abuse at the hands of the so called elite.all want shooting

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